A Few Words About Snake

Snake CrossFit is a strength and conditioning facility that uses a broad, general and inclusive program design to help all our members achieve their goals. We program constantly varied functional movements and deliver them at intensities relative to our athletes and their goals. We use the most effective training methods of Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Body Building and Heavy Cardio to deliver a program that can benefit both, the elite athlete or the first timer.

There is no age or fitness requirements, we only ask people to leave their ego at the door and be willing to learn new things. All our classes are coach led and are tailored to the individual’s needs and or skill level. At Snake CrossFit we not only bring our own SCF program but we pride our self on the community we have. We are unique, supportive and love a laugh, we are very passionate about our fitness, community and wellbeing and we’re always looking to extend our CrossFit family.


Contact Information

6/52 Barnes Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
0427 775 664


Title Address Description
Snake Crossfit
52 Barnes St, Taminda NSW 2340, AustraliaEnter driveway to right of Bearfast then
follow signs to the rear of the building