CrossFit is for everyone, regardless of size, shape or skill level.

We specialise in functional movements and delivering them to our community in a way that can be scaled to suit every individual, so they get the right stimulus for each workout they do. We use the best methods from gymnastics, weightlifting and heavy cardio in our program and it will suit anyone from a very beginner to a seasoned fitness veteran.

All our classes are coach led meaning there is always someone there to help you during your session. The coach will take you and the group through all aspects of the day from warm up, skills or strength, conditioning and the cool down.

We also run Olympic lifting classes 3 times a week and we are about to introduce a gymnastics class, kids class and rehabilitation program to our timetable.

Getting started

To get you started we will take you through a free introductory session to teach you the elements of CrossFit then when you feel like you’re ready to jump into a class we will give you a full week free to see if you enjoy it!

If you want to book in for a technique session that’s super easy to organise! Just head to our contact page and send us your enquiry or give us a call on 0427 775 664